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Wednesday, 19 January - link


this feeling that I want to cry a few times a day hasn't gone away! And I don't really mind - I can't understand it exactly but it's as though I've become more sensitive. I can regard a picture of my grandparents sitting nearby for years and now I feel the weight of their presence in my life as heroes, progenitors, and deceased. So much to think about all at once. And it's beautiful, and it makes me choke up, and forces tears to my eyes. When I hold the moment there. And I don't mind doing that. But there's so many things that set me off - how could I choose one to linger on? I like the feeling, so I do cultivate it during the day, sustained connection to my crying side. Huh. What is this?

Posted on 19 January 2005 : 13:06 (TrackBack)
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