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Thursday, 13 January - link


I woke up this morning quick, eager to get back to my work. It's a good sign I think.

First of all, I want to clarify what "sobbing" mean in the last few days - I want to place emphasis on "wracked" as in "wracked by sobs" - often, something would strike me, like "I'm alone" while I'm driving, and I would tighten up from my stomach which pushed my upper back over and my teeth shut and my eyes winced up. Typically wordless, and even tear-less sobbing, unless the moment held. It was like my body was making a question mark.

Secondly, my work this morning - hah! My primary external hard drive attached to my Mac laptop is corrupted, with my last semester film data seemingly gone? And my second hard drive is acting up too now (leading me to suspect a naughty computer). So I can't capture video. And video I was thinking of as part of my recovery! My PC desktop is having some kind of strange video hiccup every few minutes which causes it to puke and pause (sob, maybe?) so I can not play World of Warcraft. That wouldn't be too bad, except I'm signed up to research it. So, some fairly major tech overhaul required here. Hum.

Posted on 13 January 2005 : 08:32 (TrackBack)
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