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Sunday, 31 October - link


I'm a lifetime student doing research into digital culture and electronic entertainment. I need some transcribing work done - specifically, transcribing a video interview with a video game designer within the next few days. This is for a Gamasutra article due all too soon.

Pay is $10/hour for 40 minutes of conversation (it will take you longer than 40 minutes to type it).

Here are the details:

I give you a web address for a Quicktime file; you download it, listen to it and type out the words as best you understand them into Word Processing or Text Editing software.

Some literacy with digital culture or the video game business will help you understand the subject material easier, which should make the typing easier, and the transcript more reliable.

Either way, time is of the essence. I need to get some kind of transcript turned around in the next few days. This is a single assignment; there's sure to be more work ahead if this works out well.

If you're interested, send me a relevant resume and your phone number. Thanks!

Posted on 31 October 2004 : 20:48 (TrackBack)
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