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Sunday, 15 August - link

Big Sale at Justin's!

Him: Hey, did you hear, Justin's having a big sale?
Her: My gosh, you're kidding!
Him: No, totally - he's selling, like, most everything he owns! All that incredible furniture he had at his house in Oakland!
Her: No way! All that fabulous stuff? All those fine vintage pieces? That totally comfy, crazy couch? And the basic but beautiful wood shelves?
Him: You won't believe - he's even getting rid of his desk! I heard he hand-stained that wood blue.
Her: No way! His desk? That's insane.
Him: Yah! Believe! It's even got a keyboard tray and drawer attached.
Her: He must be charging, like, a million bucks or something.
Him: No, that's the thing! He's got some prices listed on the sale web page, but from what I've heard, he just really wants to get rid of the stuff. So if you make him an offer, you'll probably get it!
Her: That's totally awesome - thanks so much for telling me. I think that red armoire sounds hot for my living room!
Him: Yeah, well you better move fast - it's all being sold Monday or Tuesday!
Her: Wow, that's great - I'll email Justin right now!
Him: Hey, before you go - can I borrow your truck tomorrow?

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