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Sunday, 1 August - link

slept in

Slept in my new house for the first night. Full moon light on my borrowed sheets, tucked around an air mattress. I had a nocturnal emission - a good omen.

The house is lovely, empty, old smells masked by pinon incense. No internet connection makes it feel like no place - somewhere I can be in the moment maybe, unable to be here with you. So I visit the 'net, parked in other people's driveways, borrowing wireless connections. Arranging my life's remote control on remote control.

At home, I'm beginning to put my few possessions into the few cabinets. I have a marker, and masking tape - each place in the house I want to affect change, I write it out on masking tape and stick it up on the wall. "Full length mirror" or "4 jack outlet" or "ceiling fan" or "4'x 6' mural by Cassidy."

Tomorrow I'm flying Nat of Mighty Industries down from San Francisco for two days, to apply her design discipline and expertise to mi casita.

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