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Sunday, 11 July - link

lifting my head

Regarding my arms, slightly darkened by a day at the Alameda County Fair. I looked long into the eyes of cows, pigs and chickens - I apologized and considered my meat eating. This amidst 4-H displays by children proving they know the value of animal byproducts for human evolution.

On the way there, I sang a song I remembered from school, striving for the same strong quality of breath from Wolgamot's belly I remembered staring at as he sang that song. But my rendition isn't worthy; the driver complains.

Today I catch myself smelling like her baby. I sat next to her, helping her start a web page. We drank a beer. Chris played with Clementine. Slow Sunday. A welcome, slow, Sunday!

We're a bit into July; that means about halfway through this year. I can't remember how one chronological moment passed into another; where was I? Only recent holidays stand out in my mind. Like Howard's birthday last Wednesday. I followed him with a videocamera, gently invading his space and recording his day. I've since spent hours and hours afterwards in iMovie editing 40 minutes of footage down to five minutes of memory. I like composing video - it's very dense - layers of sound and pictures, text on top, what comes in between. The challenge is the same as writing - what's your point? And are you capable of sacrificing your favorite parts if those parts don't support that point?

Fortunately, I'm making a video with no point other than personal amusement, and celebrating a friend. Both of which come easy. I'm taking this summer to practice the skills I'll need for school next semester - tools like Flash and iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Exercising non-linear multimedia visual composition. Hoo-ah!

That's my steady backdrop amidst more travel. I drove from LA to Oakland Monday, to celebrate birthdays and friends and close out some Bay Area business. Soon I drive back to Los Angeles, for just a night to sleep before I fly away. I took some of my time and money and decided to splurge - visiting a friend who inherited a historic inn in Nantucket.

I'll still have my laptop with me then, working on these media. Each day I wake up, I have a new method - wherever I am, when my morning eyes greet the light, I think about what project I want to finish that day. Reading a friend's screenplay, updating some web templates, writing a letter. Something done each day, amidst the summer sonerie.

I'll be pitching some freelance writing pieces and working to get paid, but I'm also going to spend some time this summer contemplating this small hole that I found towards the lower part of my stomach.

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