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Thursday, 29 April - link

now playing

I re-figured out how to coax my computer to play multiple songs at the same time! (Winamp, multiple sessions). Today I'm working on my grad school applications, while this is playing:

- Blind Willie McTell (45 songs, random) 70% volume
- Tokyo Train Tones (44 songs, random) 45% volume
- Iggy Pop & the Stooges (8 songs, random) 13% volume
- Ghost Dog (DVD, linear) 30% volume

Like the electric eclectic; audio bath! A mix of urban memories from Japan, McTell's spirited warbling, Iggy's aggressive ranting and Forest Whitaker's low philosophy (with Rza's backing beats). Each peeks out from under another in scattered succession, rich media serendipity. Soon I'll shut off my speakers as the mix continues to play, and I'll return to my chair outside to read Free Culture in the Oakland sunshine.

Posted on 29 April 2004 : 13:20 (TrackBack)
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