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Saturday, 11 October - link

i have to use the bath robe

"Front desk, may I help you?"
"Hello, can I have a bath robe?"
"You have one already."
"I do? Where? I didn't see it."
"When you enter the door to your room, near there."
"Oh! Okay, I'll look again."

a few minutes later:

"Front desk, may I help you?"
"Hello, can I have a bath robe?"
"Yes, I'll send someone right up."

Shortly a maid arrives with some tissues and toilet paper.

After sixteen rings, "Front desk, may I help you?"
"Hello, can I have a bath robe? You know, like clothing, you wear after a shower."
"You have a bath robe in your room!"
"Where? I looked."
"When you enter your room, it is on the right or left."
"I don't see it!"
Positively mystified, "I'll send someone up."

A few minutes later, a young man in a suit shows up - "You don't know where your bath room is?" he points to the open door leading to the shower, toilet and sink.
"A bath robe, like you wear after a shower," gesturing with two hands over shoulders, over a bare chest, wearing only a towel.
"Oh, if you go to the second basement, there is a spa. You can wear a robe there."
"Can I bring one up to my room?"
"No, I'm sorry."
"I'll pay money."
"No, I'm sorry."
"How about if I hide one inside my shirt, and sneak back up to my room with it?"
"No, I'm sorry."
"Okay, thank you."

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