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Wednesday, 17 September - link

more time for media notes

Between the governor's race in this state of California, and the budding presidential contest threatening the hegemony of sad news from the Mid East, there's an exciting load of political bluffing and wrestling to keep up with. Some of my favorite media theater!

kurtz.gifBut it can be overwhelming: difficult to keep up with the flood of stories, let alone keeping up with diverse sources of news! Fortunately, there's Howard Kurtz's Media Notes from the Washington Post. He reads newspapers and web sites and compares their coverage. It's a fantastic way to surf the news and to get a sense of some media bias and spin. (I first wrote about Kurtz on bud.com- 'tis the season, again!)

Posted on 17 September 2003 : 14:29 (TrackBack)
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