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Wednesday, 13 August - link

here come the planes

I'm obsessed with O Superman by Laurie Anderson. I was re-exposed to it recently on a drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles; it emerged from Ryan's tiny white music box through our car stereo. Soft humming tones, computer modulated loving robot voices. Easy tilting melodies. It expresses a childlike wonderment and enthusiasm for technology pleasure tempered by a knowing military and manifest destiny backstory. I've been listening to the eight and a half minute song on relentless repeat for days now; I feel its very much a part of what I'm thinking and feeling. There's a deep craving, beneath all the modulation and flanging, for something connective. And a sense of humor still to upend too much electro-brooding. Even the most elementary electron outreach can tingle the senses if staged with smarts.

Posted on 13 August 2003 : 00:42 (TrackBack)
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