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Thursday, 24 July - link

Paul Robeson Returns

Houseguest Lulu's sitting next to me playing Adom, while I work on GameGirlAdvance. Paul Robeson is playing in the background - I take a few moments to read her highlights from a timeline of his life.

In March, Robeson becomes the first American banned from TV when NBC stops his appearance on "Today with Mrs. Roosevelt." Under the new Internal Security Act, which allows the detention of subversives during national security crises, Robeson is asked to give up his passport after he denounces the Korean War. He refuses. State Department officials tell him he can keep his passport if he swears he is not a Communist; again he refuses, filing a suit against the State Department demanding the return of his passport.
From "1950-1956 The political outcast"

Fire up your file-sharing and download some Paul Robeson today. What spirit! What a voice!

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