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Wednesday, 16 July - link

extraordinary feeling

Window rolled down and music low air was making more noise than my stereo I felt it behind me then around me - extraordinarily alive, I felt. Maybe it was the pressure from a week with three deadlines and unanswered phone calls. Maybe it was Alan the nice young man almost selling me his old machine. But I pulled back and left him with six crisp bills still in my wallet. The sun was shining as I tried to find his back alley "bring cash" computer locale. Could I defend myself from an attempted robbery? With words.

So much suspicion surrounding ordinary events, it adds a charge. Scenario planning. But it was not the money or fear that girded my ribs and made me breathe deep and feel my eyes forced open. It was something else, nestled in context and excited to write.

Posted on 16 July 2003 : 11:52 (TrackBack)
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