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Friday, 23 May - link

Financial Potential

Jane and I work as freelance communicators. We have some regular writing assignments, and we write often for her web site, Game Girl Advance. Sometimes we give speeches; seldom for money.

We don't have any institutional infrastructure - we are our support staff. I am the technical support guy. I also handle travel arrangements. Jane is the academic liaison, book reader, and more-frequent caterer. I am the chauffeur.

Neither one of us is really an accountant. Or a health insurance advisor. Or a tax expert. As excited as I can get about helping people with a vision for their lives and their careers, it can be hard to maintain vision for myself, especially when I'm distracted by needing to find health care, feeling overwhelmed with expenses, and hustling just to keep up regular income.

So I want to put out a solicitation for some professional help. Maybe these are separate jobs; either way, I think our success as freelance communicators hinges critically upon the piece of mind we could get by consulting the following sorts of expertise:

I want someone to help me get a handle on my expenses and my potential to earn money. I use the word potential purposefully - I want an accountant with vision. Not so much like the accountant in Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City - I don't need advice on cocaine shipments or offshore tax shelters. I want someone, a peer, to look over the work that I'm doing and advise me on long term growth strategies. Growth strategies, saving money on taxes, budgeting better for the long haul, maybe even some investment. Some dry accounting - Quicken-type stuff (I run the software myself, but not very well). And if they know it, I'd love some health insurance consultation.

I know there are people who offer this sort of vision. I've met them. But most of them are pretty far distant from me, culturally. Anyone working as a sort of freelance digital citizen coach?

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