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Sunday, 6 April - link

TV Cart Construction

I bought a big TV so Jane and I could watch video games and subtitles with greater feelings of telepresence. Now the color light box is so big, it obscures the fireplace and wall behind it.

So we have been thinking - let's get a better TV cart. Something narrow, that fits under the 36" total width. Something shorter, that holds just the TV and maybe some black boxes beneath it. Something with casters/wheels! So we can redecorate with just a simple shove. I put a few hours in on some furniture sites online and found that wheels are rare, as are style and stability. And if you find something approximately what you want, it's expensive!

Jane suggested we build our own TV cart. We measured some things and this is what we envisioned:

TV Cart sketch
Simple, because we don't have a lot of tools or experience building. We were thinking of two squat wide post-walls on either side, probably at least four inches wide, holding up two thickish boards above and resting on another board below. I have a planter box in the backyard, fashioned of thick redwood boards. I should probably get some measurements and specs to post to be clear about my intent.

But basically, we wanted open back and sides, stout walls, about a 36" total width, and four fat wheels below. This TV cart would be sitting on a wood floor, and I would hope we could get some wheels or something beneath them that would not cause any serious dents or floorscars.

Anyone with any experience making things with wood have any suggestions or feedback here? The TV weighs 165 pounds - youch! - so maybe home-construction and wheels are an impossible dream. (For that sketch I hooked a six year old Wacom tablet to a PowerMac 7200/120 and drew it with a digital pen - at least that was fun!)

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