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Storage page I maintained in 1994-1995 for links that went away. Back then, I thought they might come back, and I thought that mattered. Maybe it did.

george has lost his mind, online. stories interlinked. I can tell this guy will have a file structure head ache in months to come - due to sprawl and volume. drinking and driving, beautiful women, police harrassement, car totaling - vie de joven masculine.

A web hacker in England, Mike has been putting his private diary online. Catch a glimpse of life in England for someone interested in computers. A sporatic hashing out of a days events, punctuated by a few relevant links. Not an ongoing life drama per se, a few events Mike felt like imparting.

  • Weighing in at over 16k, Vince Cate's Cryptorebel and Cypherpunk page has a heafty listing of related sites.
  • Victor Cate has published his page on how to legally avoid taxes - basically Libertarians with boats transcending national affiliation.
  • Fellow Swarthmore student Jon Feinstein has set up a real slick House o' Jazz Page with sound samples, album covers and etc. on Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, you get the idea. He's into horn players.
  • This one is really - Hot! - . Inspired by Dave Barry, someone tested Strawberry Poptart Toaster FlameThrowers and made a web page detailing the experiment with text and pictures. Mr. Michaud has really done a thorough job, this page conforms to good scientific report guidelines - with abstract, introduction, materials used, and a step by step explanation with 6 figures - color pictures of the flaming toasters. If this page won't load for you, try it again, and again. If it don't work then, come back later - if this sort of thing excites you.
  • Peep on the illustrious: a camera is hung over the toilet of World Power Systems (host of the pages). Check in every minute to see if they give a shit. I haven't witnessed any action so far, but they did have a tissue box in range for a bit.
  • Santa Cruz artist Paul Heavens has put up fifteen or so of his 12 to 60k jpegs. Working in Photoshop, he creates cartoony images - some of which are engaging. His style and photoshop proficiency seem to be improving. Nothing he's done has really blown me away, but I'll be checking back to see what more he does.
  • - tiny wry guy -Along similar lines is the page of art inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft was an author in the early turn of this century with an incredible knack for making the hairs on the back of your neck crawl up your scalp. He can be credited with popularizing, if not creating, the Necronimicon, a supposed book of ancient arabic dark magic. There is an H.P. Lovecraft Page at Berkeley.
  • - tiny wry guy -H.R. Giger another disturbing artist, heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft
  • Wow! Every synonym for throwing up is online. Reading them all in a row could be a transcendental experience...
  • Remember those days downloading those anarchy files at 1200 baud from your local pirate board? Well, if you don't, the Terrorists Handbook has collected many of the old do-it-yourself home/school anarchy/destruction instruction papers together for your personal edification.
  • Bryan O'Sullivan, a student at Trinity College, Dublin, has set up a Profanity and Insult Server. Reload indefinitly to get new ones, or add your own!
  • Try Digital Journey Themes
  • The Internet's penchant for taking seemingly innocent cultural icons and attributing twisted subtext to them is no better displayed than at the Dysfunctional Family Circus pages at University of Pennsylvania. Basically, those familiar Family Circus single panel black and white cartoons with new perverse, demented captions appended. I hope this guy doesn't get caught by King Features Syndicate, or whomever is in charge of the Family Circus stuff - which I'm sure has whopping copyright protection attachted to it
  • This is a cool one: now you can read the news-feeds for CNN Headline News - the text of all the recent news - the stuff the anchor reads (complete with weird-name-pronunciation guides!) before they introduce the reporters. Sorry - Gopher only at this point.
  • Rape in Cyberspace re: LambdaMOO
  • No Time for Goodbyes Phiber Optik's Journey to Prison, by Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Try GolfData On-Line Fave Raves
  • Try some PIPE
  • Wow - the Human Languages Page will help you learn a language online! Blurbs now gone...

    • Confess your sins at the Denizens of the Dirt site. With a forms enabled browser, you can enter in your sins (anonymously, so it seems), under such realms of wickedness as adultry, hate, child abuse, addiction to the Internet. Of course, such a site would not be complete without the ability to revel with your fellow sinners, so the postings of others are made available. The first series of posts concern primarily indulgent bits on Internet addiction, but there have since been added a number of honest, pained entries. This site could be real catharsis for people, it's helpful to know that other people are flawed too, just like you.
    • Body Piercing is on the rise, as part of grunge/alternative culture. At this page, you can find pictures of pierces, pierces in progress, piercing FAQs and text including foreskin restoration. There's a wicked picture of a foreskin pierce as well.

      Now you can charge your political tirades to the Religious Right!

      "Far-right Traditional Values Coalition leader Rev. Lou Sheldon paid for a toll- free number so anti-gay supporters could call congressional members and express their political views."
      - unattributed quote in the e-mail I was forwarded on this issue.

      The 1-800-768-2221 phone number connects you directly to Capitol Hill - I tried it, I know it works.

    • For information on one of my very favourite comic books, including background and character sketches, check out Watchmen page, which I must say represents a lot of work on the part of a very dedicated fan, a certain Peter Brulls at the University of Oldenburg. He has some notes on the motifs and symbols that are of particular interest. If you are interested, you can read a paper I wrote in High School about the comic, called Who Watches the Watchmen?
    • Found two wacked out Electronic comix at one site. The first, the Adventures of Hemp Boy & Prozak is a marijuana maven's scripted scenario of a smoke out in the park gone bad. Many plot twists make it a bit more unpredictable than the norm, but it is drug art. I kinda like the drawings - they are simple, with basic colors, they loaded pretty fast on my computer, so they were worth the short wait involved. The other strip, Mechanized Death is a darkly styled Steadman-esque technologically violent romp - in six panels. The art here is worth a look - it's as twisted as the plot.
    • Cygnus Support technicians have put their office Christmas Tree online. Besides being able to get photos updated every two minutes, you can actually vote to change the various lights strung up on the tree. For a quick update, finger the tree. Otherwise, vote, and check back in fifteen minutes - you could actually change the way the tree is lit!
    • A cheap, quick attempt at a page o' porn from another state populated by reindeer - the Girls' Dorm in Finland. This site offers three 250k gifs scanned from "Girls of the Big Ten Something-or-other" from Playboy. Nothing more.
    • The busiest site on the web closes! Millions on the web forced to go without their daily allowance of pornography! Read all about it in WWW

    Edited items

  • I guess it took Republicans. The US House of Representatives has a web site. I guess they couldn't let the White House hold sway over the highway. While the front page is nice, and simple, and direct, and seems to hold a vast plethora of exciting and enabling information behind it, I could find little besides dated text files, gopher sites, and links to the Under Construction page. The gopher sites are especially annoying, because you have to know the name/number of whatever bill or law or legislation you want to look up - but if you are the average uninformed citizen, like me, you can't get started reasearching anything general like that. Unfortunately, at the time of my first visit (January 7), they still had not updated the schedules and lists of bills for the 104th congress. You would have thought the GOP eager to pervey their agenda online! I guess it is just like them to set up a phantom web site - and then watch them crow 'bout it all over the beltway. Among the useful shreads: congressional e-mail addresses, including Newt Gingrich, and admirably, the entire House Ethics manual appears to be online. At least we can read it, if they don't. Cynicism aside, this page is a step in the right direction. I'll give 'em a month to get their shit together. (1/7/95)
  • A few of the magazines and books owned by Time Warner have been coordinated at a web site called Pathfinder. Amazing, it's a web site made to look like a magazine. The front page could be a page in Time, with a huge imagemap graphic with blue words underlined in it. A strange hybrid indeed.
    I was unimpressed at the site in general. Considering the resources at their disposal, it's not that slick. And a lot of the links didn't work for me (404 errors), so they obviously haven't spent that much of their own time here. Overall, I'm glad to see more information and resources on the web, I just wish they would have spent more time making their site useable before we waste our time trying to navigate it.
    Time Magazine
    This site provides an online version of this weeks edition of Time, as well as covers and table of contents of back issues (be still my beating heart). Beyond the front page, most of the articles themselves are dry text on a page - no pictures, no charts, no nothing beyond simply the text from the magazine. Interesting what Time becomes without any visual stimulae - when it's straight Time-text on a screen...
    Daily News by Time
    This page was moderately interesting - considering it was three days old on a Monday by 5.30pm New York time. They seemingly haven't integrated the web into any form of daily news updating yet. One wonders where it lies on their list of media-empire expanding priorities. As it is, it looks unprofessional.
    Vibe Magazine
    These guys have already had a cool web site up for weeks now. I reviewed in September: "That hip magazine of urban music Vibe is online. They have set up a very web-savvy server with sounds, forms, articles, and imagemapped covers from the last couple issues. I'm excited about this site." I'm a little less enthused with it at this address, however, because the front links to Vibe didn't even work! Fuck it, they were better off on their own.

    Items in stasis...

    • This link is down! Hubba Hubba! Lookin' for some fantasticly fleshy full-figured fantasies online? Check out Full-Figured Erotica
    • The Tasteless Image of the Week is usually a winner, if you can get through to it, and it is different than the one that was up there for the last two weeks.
    • If you need a quick serial number, or three, or need to fix a program to stop bugging you with shareware notices, download a copy of Cracks & #'s. This software has tips and tricks, cracks and fixes for a plethora of Macintosh software. From games to desktop publishing, the whole range is covered. The list included with this archive is current as of July '94.
      Warning: download this software at your own risk. If you use it, you could seriously mess some shit up. In addition, it may be illegal to own and use. I'm still waiting to hear back from the SPA on this. I take no responsibility for anything you do, or don't do, with it.
    • For those not yet weary of the cliched pop icons: The Beavis Web Home Page which contains GIFs, sounds, and related links.
    • Logging in a telling 5000 requests a day the Pornography online server may connect you will the bitmap of your dreams. They have had the limit the downloads to two pix a day - in order to help share the wealth. The categories range from "High school girls on the beach" to "Hard porno action" - but you'd better not set your heart on browsing, cuz each transaction can take minutes. If this guy really wants to be the Event Horizons of the WWW, he should set up some mirror sites and get himself ready for Digicash. He would be rollin' in the bytes.

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