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DemonBox residents, May 2001

index.html Jon Lindquist - "elle"
21 years
Lives in a second floor room with a broken bed. Many records.
Teaching thirteen year olds Swedish grammer. His first day was my first day visit to Demonbox - he seemed both amazed at the aggressive energy of these kids, and proud of his own ability to inspire some discipline. That might have stemmed from his freshly shaven head. At dinner he seems to be the lead storyteller, doing lively imitations and small performances to capture the madness of his day.

Elle is the youngest member of the group, and a practicing teacher. He is a strange mix of goofy and occasional authority. He was the one who most seriously chided me for my noise-making, and he was the one who put a cardboard six-pack on his head and posed for a picture. index.html
index.html index.html

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