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This is some exerpts of traditional Swedish music, of a sort. It's probably from scandinavia at large, and there's probably other swedish traditional music.

I first heard this in the VasaMuseum, where a 6 story wooden boat from 15whatever00 is nestled in its entirity indoors. Tall tall ceilings - like a boat hanger. Three ladies, neatly miced, suddenly burst forth with this stuff and effectively stopped the crowd of hundreds from munching smoked fish.

I bought the album - figured the stateside Swedish Folk distribution channels might take a while to catch up with this new release:

Susanne Rosenberg and her nappy crew - "Uppå marmorns höga berg"

Here's a bit of song #17 - Vallåtar fraàn Gammelboning

download the 873k short sample Mp3, or go for the whole big herring ball: vallatarfrangammelboning.mp3 at 3.6megs

from the Liner notes:

"Herding calls from Gammelboning -
In this song a special high-pitched vocal technique is used called kulning, a vocal means of expression mainly used by women in the grazing pastures in Scandinavia. It has been used since the Middle Ages and functions primarily as a means of communication between the shepherdess and the animals and can be heard many miles away."
no kidding. This is some piercing shit.

I figured it might be good source material for some DJ remixing or some techno whatever or something. It's just weird. Keep it in mind. And give her some credit! if you can't find the album. The rest of it has some variations on a similar theme - listenable if a little heavy. A nice journey to a winter hinterland wearing a comfortable sheepskin coat and with a tawny beauty cranking them high notes at your side.

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