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118,000 / month

It can be tough for a freelance foreigner to find long-term lodging in Tokyo, working from abroad. Many apartments want proof of citizenship, or at least a sponsoring organization. Plus, many places include various fees that can make moving in cost as much as six months rent.

I had secured a room near Meguro with Tsukasa for October-November 2001, but I didn't follow through with the deposit in time. "October is the busy season" I heard as I called around to different places, some offering only suburban dwelling. I was trying to find a place to live for around $1000/month, in a good location, at least on the Yamanote Line. Now with only a week to go, I found Gaijin House had a solid web site, responsive people on email, and free high-bandwidth internet connections. I reserved a room in Nippori, near Akihabara, and sent a wire transfer deposit from Bassett to ensure a bed.

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Train Noise:
Nearby tracks make having your window open a noisy proposition.

Good service:
I requested a laregr mattress; two dudes had moved it into my room with two days.

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