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January 2003

Switzerland sits between France, Italy and Germany. They have at least three or four active languages there, and a cuisine that matches that mixing. The terrain is densely mountainous, but not so high as, say, Colorado. So the air is not thin, and it is not so dry - there are verdant grasses beneath those ski slopes, and in the summer, Europeans on ski holidays will be replaced by cud-chewing cows.

There is much delicious cheese here -

Jane and I visited Switzerland for a Nokia retreat to discuss the N-Gage gaming device with their clients. I was asked to give a speech about game culture. Afterwards, we wandered.

Switzerland 2003 Risotto in a parmesan wheel in Gstaad.
Switzerland 2003 Jane stands before Zorg's Tower in Thun.
Switzerland 2003 Here's a Paul Klee puppet in Bern.
Switzerland 2003 Jane and I sit amongst giant plastic chess pieces in Geneva.
2003 Switzerland: Gstaad | Thun | Bern | Geneva

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