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from a personal poetical exploration of
thich nhat hanh's 14 precepts

twelfth precept: protecting life

Do not kill. Do not let others kill. Find whatever means possible to protect life and prevent war.

physical health as well as mental health
when we enter sharples, and confronted with piles of meat
wholesale shredded for a bun, cheesesteak consumption
slow grease crawl blood rush to our bellies
turn rather to the salad bar
without dressing
lighter food
a healthy conscience of consumption:
"the amount of grain used in Western countries to make liquor and feed cattle,
... is enormous."
he said on page 43
so think too of alcohol
weekend watering hole cask aluminum
endless gut rotting brain poison
screws up your system
strews plastic cups and throw ups
money effort and health for four hours wet and numb, four hours dry and dumb

killing beef and brain
ain't that buddhist
their "precept of non-killing extends even further, to include all living beings"
present on page 42

respect for the body

and the body at large -
I don't print pages or use kleenex
if I can help it
assignments on the web
live through links
scraps retrieved from the trashcan
paper with character
I'd rather not subject trees
to whimsical wastage

"every act ... is an occasion for us to practice awareness"
on page 28

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