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multimedia gulch

back in the day construct seemed the gulch at its best, loveable folks makin' cool stuff.

but every place sucks some, money and power and hard work and distance from media and even tasseled loafers - or so wayne sez.

It used to be CDRom development, I remember when I first started working for Wired, everyone was working on a CDRom title.

Within a year, it was all online design, and now everyone's business card has a URL on it.

At the heart of this rush to digitize entertainment is a park. A small park, between warehouses, designer shades and shopping carts - someone wrote about it the way it was and what the transition has been. I do remember walking up flights of concrete stairs to the HotWired offices, toting my laptop to lan-land in a building still filled with Chinese women making sweatshirts where Howard had collected unemployment in the 70s. Outside homeless dudes wore Wired baseball hats. It was a weird scene.

Early histories of "the digital content revolution" will center around one area, San Francisco's South Park in the South of Market area.

SOMA, how appropriate!

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