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Behind Bars!

June 26, 1995

I had just driven back to the city, from visiting Howard in Marin. I stopped at the SuperMarket, to pick up some groceries for Jonathan's house, when I heard some shouting, and saw a public safety sound and light show.

I approached, followed, took notes.

I was pushed into the crowd by a cop.

I was arrested and charged with felony attempted arson, inciting a riot, and jaywalking. I was strip searched, detained for 19 hours, put in a cell. My step-brother posted $5000 bail, I was free, unlike most of the other 280 protestors. The next day, the charges were dropped against all of us.

All because I was taking notes too close to a rowdy demonstration to prevent the death penalizing of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Needless to say, I have filed a complaint, and even a lawsuit, where i got a chance to jerk the chain of the city!

cook county corrected
Visited Cook County Jail in Chicago in August '93, turned out to be good practice.

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