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Gary Wolf

birthday boy
If there was anything the feuding parties at Wired could agree on, it's Gary. He smiles relentlessly, he picks your brain, he bounces ideas around, smiles again, has something funny to say, thinks you're funny too, spreads good, and hard-working feelings around the office. His section, Renaissance, reflected that. He collected a crew of genuine weirdos who managed to turn out some of the raunchiest, most offbeat content in HotWired - without anyone batting an eyelid.
Gary's like that. He can do anything because he doesn't threaten people. Management likes him because they trust him; he gets stuff done. Staff trust him because he's a good listener, and actually seems to care what's going on. He parks himself at the side of your desk for a ten minute plug in - intense gaze, probing, thoughful, lighthearted, witty. An extremely slick dresser, wonderful taste in fabrics.
He wrote the Wired story on Mosaic, so I guess they thought he was qualified to work on HotWired. They needed a section editor, and he was brought on board, strictly part time, you know. He always used to say he was just passing through.
Come April, he's the Executive Editor.
He was impressed with my computer crankin'.

Years after I left HotWired and HotWired faded from glory, Gary started writing a book about it all.

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