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July 2000
Atlanta, Georgia

On Goth Wings

Miss Klingon and Me DragonCon is one of the largest science fiction conferences in the world. Tens of thousands of Star Trek fans, Anime fans, dudes dressed up as Darth Vader, people dressed as faries and elves, they all converged on Atlanta Georgia for a weekend in July.

I went with a crew of five others from - Zack "Sultry" the Cameraman, Brian "Peachtree", Allan, Brad "SweetTea", Llana "Porchswing". Our job was to write up news on the comings and goings of the conference. Zack and I worked together to make a video of all the strangeness we saw. I wrote up some articles as well:

Miss Klingon Empire

Masquerade Ball

Dealer's Room

My Journal

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