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3 may, 1995

following the plot of a book, I was a little boy playing with a little girl. I moved us into sexual play, which she joined easily. there was a latina nanny, who didn't mind our horny horsing around.

I'm talking to Ben , who is called by a woman who wants to offer him all manner of consumer electronic cooking devices. I watch him consider it, and he turns it down. I talk to the woman, end up getting her phone number for getting together some other time.

then I'm walking along and two black men try to smooth me - come with us - I ask them, looking in their eyes, if I can trust them, they are bigger than me. I never ask what they want to show me. When I do, one tells me I am going to see a black man and a white woman fucking. How much is that going to cost me? $45. One is an opera singer, a mezzo soprano. I say no thank you, and keep on walking.

I pass by a woman with a long blonde braid down her back, wearing a petite black skirt outfit. It is Grace. We embrace, and start walking together.

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