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6 November, 1994

Extended vampire romp last night - starting with horror movie scanario with Elias and Chris and Peter in some house that was burning. David Sanner and I killed Jim Petersen because he was complaining about us having killed someone else. Didn't think about consequences (ie Julie's sadness). Hid the body adequately to avoid discovery - in the trash bin of a parking garage attendant or something like that.
Remember moving from different little room/house to another to avoid detection or fire or bad/horrific somethings, but don't remember what.

And then the vampires were after me... In a house, visited nightly, trying to stall and fight them so that they wouldn't get me. Back and forth until I met up with some Wired people and I remember sitting in a corridor with a Barbara Kuhr and other women from Wired, and then Marla? came up the stairs in makeup and a slinkly little bikini outfit. She was talking, and Louis came up behind her and kissed her and collapsed on top of her, with a big lipstick smile with teeth.

Was the vampire Sergio's father? He was immune to garlic, and everything else... I ran into some sort of Wired tower to get away from them (was everyone from Wired a vampire by this time?) and ended up on the top floor covering pieces of paper with the title of as many custards as possible (ie Justin's favourite custard, HLR's custard, etc.) as protection against the vampires. Somehow I knew that however many I wrote would be enough to save me, but the whole thing was an unnverving experience that I am having trouble recalling.

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