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dream: 27 october, 1991

This was back when I lived at 1240.
Sage and I were to have sex on my roof. She was wearing a robe and we went up there and I remember telling her I was a virgin (I was hesitant in telling her this) and then she took my (shrunken) penis in hand and guided it into her warm moist vagina and we commenced screwing. I remember banging away with no effect on either of us, no turn on. I remember trying to get at her breasts, but I couldn't, but I knew that if I could, I could turn her on. But I couldn't, so she got up and put her clothes on (against my protestations) and she became a man (an effeminate (in-appearance) male) and I was begging her to remove her clothes and become a fuckable Sage again.

Then I remember nothing until I was in a super duper kitchen with all my relatives and Stephanie had brought Anthony Hopkins. I at first tried to impress him, but couldn't so I shut up. Then Josh charmed him telling jokes/stories about 3 christians. Page Hannah was there in a white shirt with a white bra and Connie Kelly had been her teacher in something I had been trying to figure out. John Borland was dressed in long black/grey robes with silver trim and designs.

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