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killing pain

When I was initially afflicted with appendix trouble, I tried a few things to kill my stomach pain.
First was food, then water. I am a firm believer in water.

Those didn't work so well.

I had been off marijuana for a few weeks because I lose my focus. The night of my gut troubles, I smoked a little pot to ease the pain. It is proscribed to cancer and AIDS victims for that reason, I figured it would help me.

I would have had to keep smoking it all night if I wanted to keep the pain down. I needed to find a better solution.

My friend offered me some Demerol. I believe Demerol is a synthetic narcotic, hospital post-op issue to relieve serious suffering after surgery.

I felt worthy of such sedation, but fortunately they couldn't find their pills.

If I had taken those proferred painkillers, I could be dead.

The pain was a sign that something was wrong. I needed to deal with the cause of the pain, and not just make it go away.

hook me up Fortunately, when I arrived at the hospital, they had morphine for me, so I could speak and think through the pain. If I'd been less stoic, and avoided painkillers earlier, I would have arrived at the hospital before my appendix ruptured.

Killing the pain before I knew what was wrong put my life at risk and extended my hospital stay.

In the hospital, they gave me shots of demerol every 3 or 4 hours, whenever I rang for it. I made a point of requesting as little as possible, because I wanted to know what was happening to my body.

Same deal when I was released. They gave me Tylenol 3 with Codeine, and a friend gave me Percocet, but I stopped taking them shortly. They constipated me, made me stupid and tired, and I couldn't tell whether I was getting better or not.

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