Web Content Travel Giveaway These are proposals submitted to the Mileage Giveaway contest between 20 January and 28 February 2002. Each name links to a travel proposal.

Two airplane tickets will be given to the first two proposals listed below; Matt P and Jess B (to only one of their listed destinations). These winners were selected by a panel of eight judges.

There are many deserving travellers here. If you have excess money or airline miles, or another funding idea for those folks, I am glad to put you in contact with them. Or donate enough miles that we can run an online poll for a third winner, "audience choice."

Name Dwelling Destination Detail
Matt P European Capital Sewer Tour
Jess B Bay Area, California Viet Nam, Italy "the Vietnam leg of the trip will be about paying homage to my father's past, and there is another leg of the journey I would like to do take to pay my respects to my mother's mom, my Italian-immigrant Nana who raised me and provided all of my life's inspiration."
Laura T San Francisco London "I want to visit several European IndyMedia Centers and find out how the idea of decentralization makes them different from or similar to each other."
Alek T Warsaw Morocco "In one sentence: A blond Pole in Morocco, trying to learn about Moroccan electronica music and a female djinn, after having traveled from the other end of Europe. I hope it sounds good to you."
Don W Boulder, CO Berlin, Germany "I would purchase a companion ticket so my 87 year-old father could join me (guide me, actually) on a journey to discover our beginnings"
Fran I Mexico Beograd / Zagreb / Sarajevo, Yugoslavia "The pursuit of this trip is to see what is the life of teenage, their relationship with media and new media, plus their portrait in mainstream media and how that reflect their real worlds, their relation with videogames, the role of media-labs, the music they listen, their perspectives of lifes, subcultures."
Witold C Vienna, VA Vladivostok to Moscow 6000 mile ride on railway built in part by his great-great-grandfather, detailing stopovers in villages and collaborating with web visitors over travel plans.
Sarah M Victoria, BC St. John's, NF "I have quite a commitment to finding the hairstyle that Newfoundland demands, to accessing the opinions and suggstions of a wide cross-section of the population of Newfoundland, and to being aware of what hair-related implications exist in the places and situations that are Newfoundland. Making myself the hair styling vessel of Newfoundland."
Joshua L Boston Bejing "So, for this particular excursion, unlike many of the previous, I have in mind a specific, small goal -- I'd like to document Beijing as it stands now and as it changes over my time there. I've never been too keen on public immolation of my day to day life, but I would like to construct a somewhat personal record (text/images) of the shit as it careens toward the fan."
Brie Dallas, Texas Phillipines Trip to discover the fate of a relative similar in age but grown up in entirely different circumstances.
Lief L Costa Rica Fly his 13 year old sister to collaborate with him in Coasta Rica.
Eleonor L Sweden Viet Nam "The experiences of travelling in Vietnam I think could not only be told about in my photo diary, which you can read about below, but also inspire to an essay in Sociology about this process."
rivka Cuba "It's only a matter of time before American-imposed travel and trade barriers fall and Cuba, one of the world's last bastions of communism, is over-run by millions of tour bus riding American tourists in sun hats and khaki shorts. Before that happens, I want to go capture the beauty of this 'untouched' country and share what I see with the rest of the world. Clearly, the time to go is now."
David F Australia Revisiting unfulfilled photojournalism assignment in Australia
Klaartje B Arnhem, the Netherlands Lake Chad (Africa) "I'd love to make a beautiful story with pictures, describing in detail the very special Lake Chad area, its tragedy, its natural wonders and its inhabitants. This time, I'd find a way to catch the magic of Lake Chad on film and in words. And make it available on the Web for all the world to see. After all, Lake Chad is not going to be around forever. I'd make a digital monument for it. To remember it by."
Galen H Vancouver, BC Sao Paulo, Brazil "in search of the mysterious Brazilian composer Tom Ze"
Kevin C Santa Rosa, CA Dublin, Ireland Examining two Public Mental Health Facilities as a short-term resident.
Simon C Arhus, Denmark Miami, Florida "It will be life visited through unabashedly abstract and philosophical writings, the attempt to understand something deeply broad through the catilization brought by sinking into a new and unknown world. The diary of a 21st century Columbus practicing spiritual understanding as opposed to manslaughter. The writings of a Danish ambassador, with $600 in his pocket, preaching Danish socialism and personal spirituality, receiving an understanding of American diversity and dreams, a traveling man with a love for the world, and fear for men. An idealist with believes constituted out of simple childhood living finding a revision of his values and understandings of the world necessary. The cosmopolitan taking in the joy and the pain of simply being alive, soaking all the uncertainty life has to offer when lived at age 19."
Joel M San Francisco reykjavik, copenhagen, hamburg "iceland, im supposing, will be me like a kid in a candy store - a visit to a country ive dreamed of visiting for the past 20 years. copenhagen, where ive been before, will be a fantastic insight into the event that unities bike messengers from all over the world, through the eyes of a messenger and event organizer, rather than the articles that have been published in the past, written by outside journalists. hamburg is an afterparty of sorts for me - an investigation into an interesting labor structure, and some crazy footballing as well, i hope."
Tucker L India and Nepal "My proposal is that my girlfriend and I visit temples throughout India and Nepal, meeting temple monks along the way, known as pungaris, and document the lifestyle of the renounciates. Other documentation would be of humorous menus, elephants causing traffic jams, and union strikes that strike for the right to strike, and anything else that could and will come our way. "
Tam D Boston Vietnam, Japan "With an eye on not being thrown out of the Embassy or the country, I will be sharing with the web world my findings on politics and economics in Vietnam. I also plan to visit Kyoto, Japan, where development is in a vastly different stage and yet some cultural and economic dilemmas are shared. This would be my first time in that region of the world since I left Saigon as a refugee in 1980."
Torill M Volda, Norway Portland Oregon Photographs and stories about people playing Role-Playing Games and MUDs.
Jenn K Long Island, NY Dublin or Toronto "I promise that no matter what, something will happen to me, and my utter naivety will shine through like a beacon. A magnet, if you like."
Weeb New Zealand "i have a sturdy bike. a tent, a bike sleeping bag, tofu jerky, and a rough outline drawn with a magic marker on a map of new zealand. i'll be journaling in a paper journal instead of blogging from the road. if i'm going to be on the internet all the time, i might as well be at home. also, it's going to quite a distance between outposts out there. nope, instead of sitting in a frigidly air-conditioned internet cafe, i'll be doodling under a tree, sniffing/smiling/singing and pedaling. lots of pedaling."
San Francisco Puerto Allegre "The Fulltronic event, to be held in May, will include a "virtual fashion show" ... that is, live models 'wearing' superimposed virtual fashions!"
Tricia H Holland "I have several questions regarding Dutch culture that I will use as the basis for exploration from a artistic and cultural perspective. These questions will include, but are not limited to: How does living in an open society such as Holland influences artistic expression? How much do artists innovate compared to how much of their work is culturally and historically influenced?"
Amy M Brasil Following the migration of the Trance Tribe.
Rob C Australia "1000 photos of Australia"
Pascal L Paris Australia Travelling in Australia, and writing online with pictures.
David M Toronto Tel Aviv, Israel Photojournalism in the Holy Land.
david r "walking the camino de santiago pilgrimage route, hopefully along its burgundy route starting in the town of vezelay all the way to the cathedral city of compostella "
Leonard R Miami, Fl Tokyo "I would like to try my hand at a proxy pilgrimage of my own in Japan."
Mike P A solo, one-year, round-the-world travel adventure which I will document in text, images, and video in (near) real-time on
Yimay Y Houston New York Follow up on Artist Mingwei Lee's personal tourism project.
Leah N New York India "Although I chose to write about Nicaragua, in the event I am selected as the winner, I would like to visit and write about India."
Eli G Paris, France Send his wife.
Paul A Brooklyn, NY Taiwan "propose to go on a 2-week trip from my recently-native Brooklyn, New York, USA to various cities in Taiwan including Taipei, Taichung and Kenting, and showcase all of my findings and conclusions in a running Web chronicle that uses not only insightful writing, but drawings, video, and photographs."
Iris A Van Gogh sites "How about this,, go to famous vanGogh spots, grab a gps signal, then take extensive quicktime vr datacollection photos."
Craig M Mesa, AZ Amsterdam or Vancouver B.C. " To experience the great pacific coast of Canada or to taste the flavor of old world Europe and to explore a specific cultural difference that I would like to learn more about. And that being the attitude towards the consumption of cannabis."
Ethan T "I want to take a trip to the Starbuck's that is the greatest geographic distance away from my home."
Bemmu S Helsinki, Finland Tokyo "I'd commit to maintain a day-to-day (but not necessarily daily, if I happen to not be able to get on the net some days) weblog of my experiences of the Japanese culture. This would include any interesting differences I've noticed, any useful information for other travellers and any possible fun stuff I've encountered. I would listen to any user-made suggestions as in what to tell about. I'd spice up the page by taking some interesting photographs."
Fish Varanasi, India "The point of all this is to wring the most out of the assuredly inevitable mindfuck that would befall me in transplanting myself thusly. I'm sure that travelling to Varanasi would seriously warp, if not completely obliterate, a large portion of my production capacity."
jaye k texas (austin) "fuck, i'll do it, justin... i want to go to texas (austin) to see my 2 best friends... pick me!!"
Thomas S Charlotte, NC Parati, Brazil "This is the ultimate escape and relaxation."

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