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HandPainter/Photoshop Color Correction

April 2004: I post images I draw with SoftAway's HandPainter (Low-Res, version 1.43) onto the web at mobile.links.net. I like to do 99% of the authoring on the Treo, to "keep it real." But often when I load the image up in Photoshop, the colors are so different looking, and the image has become muddy. It would seem that the backlight on the Treo amplifies colors in a way that just doesn't come through on a computer monitor.

So occasionally I need to do some color correction. That work is a super pain in the ass on the Treo, especially transferring drafts back and forth over an SD card. So in order to do color correction with Photoshop, and still maintain an accurate Treo 600/Handpainter palette, I've noted the RGB values that Handpainter uses.

It appears that Handpainter uses RGB combinations with these values:


Mix and match these numbers to make Treo viable colors. A sharp red is 255/0/0, a greenish blue is 0/193/255, etc.

Gray appears to be an exception to these specific numbers: 187/187/187, 136/136/136, 119/119/119, 85/85/85, 68/68/68

This list of color numbers and grays is not exhaustive, but suggestive.

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