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Leisure Suit Larry
Leisure Suit Larry
PC, 1987
larry You play Larry Laffer, some kind of 70s reject who is still trying to make it as a swinger in the age of AIDS.

Ostensibly an "adult" game, it is riddled with the sorts of modern cultural references, dirty jokes and stereotypes that most games avoid because of their fantasy settings.

eve Leisure Suit Larry takes place in the trenches of gender warfare - bars, brothels and quickie chapels near Las Vegas, where you are on a quest for a hot 16 colour EGA babe.

The theme is eminently whistleable, and somehow if people have ever heard it, they will recognize it years after having last seen the game. This is perhaps because most people played it crouched around waiting to see how much actual dirty stuff there was, and because that little tune played over and over and over again.

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