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Autoduel Box Cover AutoDuel was among the first computer games that let you use a car to kill or maim. It was based on a pen and paper role playing game "CarWars" by Steve Jackson games.

Start off in New York You design a car and compete, demolition derby style, weilding your flamethrower and machine guns to climb your way into a better chassis. As you gain in fame and hardware, you take on courier gigs. Eventually, you will discover a big plot that you are unwittingly a part of and if you drive right you can solve the game.

Building the cars was great fun - figuring out how to arrange weight and cash to afford the most deadly vehicle.

I used to play the pen and paper version of this role playing game with Donnan. Fortunately with Autoduel for the PC, you don't need friends to play games anymore!

More enthralling than Carmageddon2 because of the role play elements, especially building your own cars.

Intimate play by play coverage of AutoDuel.

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