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rhonda's teeth sparkled as she
for those of you who are seated in an exit row, please let a flight attendant know if you are unable to open that window in the event of a water landing

jehu grinned turning his beard to the los angeles nightsky through the plexiglass

unable or unwilling?

thriving acne barely visible under makeup base, rhonda smiled as she lay down dry honey salt roasted peanuts and a patriots connect disk on his inflight table

complementary beverage?
thank you no thanks.
he grinly teethed at her from under his brow

she shared a street incredulous look with her co-ttendent across the drink cart

from los angeles seated next to him lateesha just on her way to barnard for to start the first semester of her sophomore year

go to church much? he leaned briefly towards her

shoulders tilt back quick and head too eyes to his side, nothing said

expectant confused,
do you go to church much? he repeated

she removed her headphones and paused her c-dog cd

you talkin' to me?

I wondered if you go to church much?

rolling her eye brows up yeah well my grandmom an

wait, who are you? who wants to know?

taken aback
I'm jehu.

yeah, and?


I want to know if you ever go to church

whatever man. yeah I go sometimes.
sorry to be rude, but I've been up all night packing and I just want to chill, alright?
she looks at him from behind her glasses without moving her head


his eyes wild with unknowing he stares at the peanuts before him
the bible burned hot in his pocket
sweat formed between his knuckles buried between his thighs as the propellers on this puddle jumper kicked into high gear and sent the plane scooting along the runway.

he woke with sleep's unsure emission under his testicles
had he peeed?

that girl next to him was bald
she had always been bald!
what had he been thinking!

never shall they shorn their locks nor
ahhh, he rubbed across his forehead
prolaxil time.

his bangs brushed his ears itched
no, he was on a plane
no bugs

a fan! air control!
he adjusted the air and sat up in his seat
mumbling to himself

the captain turned on the smoking seatbelt sign it glowed red too near jehead
cuz this was a small cheap plane
headed straight to calexico
did they always fly at a 45 degree angle?

rhonda, finishing her trash collection rounds, stumbled and rumped against a wall.
one of the cabinets securing plasticware became unhinged and unleashed its contents
straightening her fueselage, she bent to pick up the cups and was pitched floorwards
she quickly rose and took her insubstantial seat

jehus eyes lit up again head darted quickly
lateesha had been asleep and was now groping for her glasses in the turpid halflight
he had pocketed them earlier and allowed a small grin

the captain came on to secure airline faith
folks we're ah jest experiencing a little disturbance in the force here

we're actually in a small storm, we tried to sail over it but got caught
you know mother nature
we should be through this in a jiff
until then, please keep your seats fastened.

jehu let out a few bars whistled

oh sanctity
quit at the eyeshot across the asile

you see my glasses? lateesha ax

you go to church?

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