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Kez ran his fingers through his greasy hair. Licking his lips, he pulled down the front of his shirt and poked it down into his pants with his hands. Liking his fingers, he smoothed back the hair behind his ears. Picking up the black frames from the table, he wrapped them around his head.
Lights were flashing all around him. It was the outside world's way of reminding you it was there. All the windows in the apartments were slats, so closely packed you could barely see through them and at the same time open just enough to let the light move though the room with a probing touch. The lights also made it impossible for anyone to see anything, obscuring any mode of body language and also making it impossible to see anything of marked beauty.
Kez lived in Block 14, which was special because it had no women in it. There were 239 apartments, with full entertainment facilities, but no women. This was the only block where the government sanctioned male to male love, and so any man showing any of the common signs of homosexuality would be given a standard issue apartment here. Kez was in the youngest group of men in this block, often called "dreamies" because so many of them were there because the housing authority had somehow managed to discover that they had had homosexual dreams. Kez himself did not remember the day that it happened, but one day at his vocational school for trash collecting, some girls spat on him and sang "Dreaming Dreamy, Dreamy Dreaming, don't forget to clean the sheets, if your boy is creaming". Ashamed and embarassed, he rushed home to find that a notice had been posted that he should relocate his belongings to Apartment 183 in Block 14.
This didn't bother him all that much, actually. His new apartment was larger, and cleaner - since he was on a higher floor. As the new trash collector for his floor of the building, he daily washed out the halls, sending the trash into the holes in the corners, down to the floors below him. After doing his job, he would go back to his apartment to watch a few hours of the cinetel, the broadcasting system that united the entire world. Like everyone else, he would watch this until he fell asleep, and then he would wake up and do the same thing over again.
Every ninth day, however, was the governments "special day". This was the day that the city governments allowed their citizens to act upon their forbidden fantasies. Citizens were allowed to torture, maime, rape or kill any condemned prisoners, or they could destroy mock-ups of priceless artifacts or they urinated and deficated on public statues of famous people. However, like most people, Kez would go down into the heart of the city, Block 0, and he would buy himself a few hours of screaming peace, the drug "White Noise" pumped into his ass via a bicycle pump.
The drug had been invented by order of a government mandate a few decades back in a college lab somewhere on the east coast. All the important people had decided that it was time for there to be a new drug, new meaning that it utilized all the developments in drug synthesis technology since the last government drug. So a group of college students came out with it pretty quick, giving rise to the suspicion that they had already clandestinely invented it. But like most things, people didn't really care, as long as it was there. As with all drugs, there were problems though. By far the largest problem with the drug, however, was the method of ingestion, forced anal inhalance. A new technique, it involved forcing the subject to receive the drug by pumping his anal tube full of the gas and applying pressure with a bicycle pump until it was absorbed into the blood stream (marked by the subjects profuse sweating and reported ear ringing and slight hearing loss). This new rash of publicly accepted anal fixation lead to massive increases of the populations of the male homosexual blocks.
The drug simply activated the body's physical activity centers, persperation, adrenaline, and a new chemical that is naturally secreted by a body in motion called jadenocine, which, when sent into the cereaberal chord, created a fatalistic, "Damn-it-all-to-hell" attitude marked by intense Hedonism followed by feelings of loss and separation. The drug provided the user with a high that was made addictive by the consistent conditions surrounding him and since it could only be administered by the government, it created a vast expanse of the populace that depended upon the government for their addiction.

Idea vs. rule of the fact

That evening Shawn offered him the button. "Press this and everyone will know white noise, everyone will die." That night, Kez went to sleep. He dreamt he gave Shawn a hand job and then went to sleep with him. He never woke up.

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