just in tokyo - a city guide book

written in two pieces, the first in april 1990, the second, november 1993.
Ubku-wit ducked under the low-hanging branch and continued his swift jog down the path. Up ahead of him, he could hear the low murmur of the river as it rushed past the rocks blocking its path. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he turned to follow the path's crooked progress. The birds flew screaming above him as he disturbed their peace. The river was now before him. Ubku-wit let out a slow sigh of satisfaction. Suddenly he felt the lash of an unseen branch on his cheeks. He recoiled and then pushed it aside to continue on to the river.
Finally, kneeling down beside it, in a quiet pool off to the side, he saw the blood that was now covering his cheeks and chin.

Craig rose from his place between Roslyn's thighs, where he had been resting since she had had her last orgasm. The warm glow of their sex permeated the room, it seemed to prevent the chill of the winter outside from entering. Roslyn was lying still, breathing softly on top of the blankets. Craig paused to gaze silently at her naked form for a moment before heading to the bathroom.

Standing over the toilet, he sighed as he watched the thick clear stream burst forth from his penis and splash dramatically against the side of the toilet. Craig slowly ran his finger over his nipple as he waited to finish pissing. Finally, finished, he shook off the last bit of pee and faced the sink to wash his hands. Gazing up at the mirror, Craig noticed two streaks of blood running up his cheeks and blood covering his chin.
- J.Hall (4/12/90 - 11/9/93)

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