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jungle in this case i take to mean urban jungle - because this mostly frenetic music describes the pace i feel walking fast down a street in a busy city.

contrast that with the "jungle music" duke ellington played - sounds of africa approximated with a trombone, background scene setting music for stage shows at the cotton club, where loinclothed dark skinned black men threatened lily white girls in the most blantant dramatizations of the race tensions at the time.

now there is still much tension in electronica's jungle music - the sounds of machine guns and machines, nonstop flurry of breakneck beats, slamming basslines.

jungle i like because it is frenetic. both for dancing, driving but just living, it has the pace i feel my life often has, at least in my mind.

so maybe it's not entirely healthy, or tranquillizing, or constantly listenable (what is?)

but it's a smart hybrid for being so unabashedly reckless and controlled. nice opposites mixing - melodic thudding beats and rapid tick-tack up top characterize jungle

the reversal of some music normalities reminds me a little of what duke ellington done done.

jungle, drum and bass, the lines between electronic sub-genres blur for me; whatever it is, ltj bukem does it pretty darn well. definitely more ambient tho.

some folks realized this music catches peoples' attention - it was used in a few commercials, memorably Infiniti cars.

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