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becky My lastest and greatest claim to fame seems to be my ENCOUNTER WITH DAVE MATTHEWS. Dave played a special acoustic performance with Tim Reynolds on Sunday, September 24, 1995 here at Swarthmore College for a crowd of 700 students. Fate delievered him to my door and subscribing to opportunist philosophy, I rightfully took advantage of the event. Other DAVE pages exist, but mine seems to be the only with photos of the two of us...INCLUDING A KISS!!! (PHOTOS WILL BE ON SOON!!) In retrospect I even find my behavior a bit strange, but hey, LIFE'S A MOVIE...SO WE MUST ALL DO OUR BEST TO KEEP IT ENTERTAINING!!

I have the pleasure of personal acquaintance with Web Master Justin Hall, who is in fact featured in Rolling Stones Campus Issue 1995. The article describes him as "Part Johnny Appleseed, part P.T. Barnum..." Check it out!!! His LUSCIOUS LINKS FROM THE UNDERGROUND, has served as an inspiration to my and many others' page developments. He's really into this shit, so if you have a question, comment, or problem, he's THE ONE to seek. In fact, here is a direct link to his WEB TUTORIAL.

I had the wonderful fotune of spending my 20th year in SEVILLA, southern Spain. Free time took us (I met some GREAT friends) to MOROCCO!, the the Canary Islands, and PORTUGAL as well as throughout the beautiful rural south--Andalucia--the home of Flamenco, Roman Ruins and the stronghold of the Moors during their 800 year reign.
My adventures were numerous and ever exciting with my companion ALICIA Kalista as we backpacked through Europe the summer of '94 for 2 months. ITALY (ay, gelati!), Switzerland, Germany, Austria, PRAGUE, AMSTERDAM, France, and of course, our beloved SPAIN were all part of the package. Backpacking is an INCREDIBLE experience which I encourage to all. And especially while you're young --you can get special rates and are energetic enough to lug around a pack after a long night of train rides. And hey! There's no time like the present!!! If you're thinking about studying abroad, especially in Spain (I studied with CIEE), or traveling through Europe and have some questions, I am willing to at least TRY to be of assistance.
Luckily I have just purchased a discounted ticket which will take me back to Sevilla for some fun in the sun March 4-17, 1996!!!!

I'd like to share some words of encouragement with you --you born where the silver sky kisses the silver waters rushing through silver of Silver Soul.

Michael Jackson has been a part of my life--conscious and unconscious-- for as long as I can remember. When I was 14 (1988) I articulated my deep feelings: "An ivory castle stands tall and proud prefaced by a sparkling moat. Thousands of sparkling soldiers, tall and proud, gather around their king. Their faces, bold and multi-colored, tell the story of their nobility. Before them stands their king, tall and proud; enchanting them, inspiring them, speaking of colors and children and dreams and love and peace and harmony Tomorrow." This is Michael to me. My 6th grade music teacher described my project/report on Michael Jackson as "a labor of love." My dedication still holds firm 10 years later. In Defense of Michael Jackson--a response to the Lisa Marie hype and general slandering of a Silver Soul.

Interesting pieces from spring 1995 Swarthmore College courses: Women and Minorities are once again targeted as prey: More Discriminatory Employment Practices:Latinas and Microelectronics and an art history essay on my favorite Vienese artisits: Erotic Art and the Facade: Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele

DESPERATELY seeking employment in Spain or Latin America. Check out my resume if you'd like and feel free to contact me! with any leads, contacts, or ideas! Likewise, I'd love to receive any comments, questions, or conversations.