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Notes from Echo Park

dinner with LeighK, AlizaM, EmilyT, Greg
Greg mentions whitney exhibit piece with Super Mario Clouds (Ryan later reminds me with a link to Cory Archangel)
Mary Nuoso - USC student, wants to make an HIV education game
search Craig's List for lofts in LA
Exquisitite modern apartment building at corner of wilshire & macarthur park
crafting Leigh's performance DVD
highway one - best view in California, can't take your eyes off the road
Perhaps I should build a kiln in my new home; then I'd end up with lots of pottery from friends.
Check out the zenned out guy who walks a wolf in griffin park @ 6:45 am - the wolf changes colors with the seasons
keep up with folklore on la.bloggin
dog killed one of twenty eight longhorn sheep - dog of friend - or urban legend
My friend Wydela reminded me "water is medecine"
every five years, I relearn that either water or breath is the key
leigh dreams of stacking her bones, realigning self
old professional roller skaters - thurs night - glendale
We wonder how awesome it would be to be sixty and know how to skate furiously - like leigh
racing traffic as a sport
emily - must replace brakes in LA twice a year
Putting my makeup on in my car in LA is a perfect typical experience
In our cars here, we're separated by nothing - why don't we look at each other?
Smile at strangers -
Ax about emily's friend bradley
outdoor bedrooms - Leigh is sleeping on an outdoor bed in the garden in Echo Park. What a nice idea!
emily & greg - ask them about an east side polish restaurant
maureen smith
dog comunication in echo park
pursue contact improv

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