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My first attempt to take notes on the run, transcribing from a mobile phone, came in Japan in late 2001. I resolved at that time only to write in Japanese, to promote my language learning. Accordingly, my mobile note-taking floundered.

Once I upgraded my US phone to something internet-capable, I figured it was time to start taking notes in public. I type things in on my Treo 600 using some software called mo:Blog that uploads my words into Movable Type. The site is graciously hosted by Cyborganic.

Started the project in May 2004. Once the entry is posted, sometimes I go back in and edit and expand upon the text, even adding links. Revisiting my notes! Good practice. This might be called "moblogging" - weblogging from mobile devices. I wrote an article about that on TheFeature in November 2002: "What happens when weblogs go mobile? Searching reality for friends and information."

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