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With Wil

with Wil and Karina and Jonathan and Samaire and Price at Firefly in Studio City.

Wil reflecting on a series of fast quipping waiters:
in LA, people are on, ready to entertain
Wilson recommends haloumi - cypriot cheese
buy wilson a raclette for his wedding present
tonight a woman sitting next to me said - "you're such a writer"
"why" I asked
she put her fingers to her temples
at first I thought - that means i'm smart!
then I realized - not exactly - I live in my head. that's what the gesture said.
I thought about arthur miller
later she shares a quote from robert evans - "planning is for the poor"
pearl izumi: "the only underwear to wear" - Wil
remind Wil about Louisiana, Denmark and mirriors on staircase ceilings

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