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Chez Clementine Chat with Sean, Austin, Jen & Chris

Chez Clementine Chat with Sean, Austin, Jen & Chris
Talking about the challenge of playing role-playing games with new players.
CHecker quotes DChurch: computer games let you find the fun; console games lead you to the fun
introduce something novel and rescale the world - nerf everything, as an alternative to increasing levels and powerups in RPGs
Austin - predictive text systems on mobile devices steal opportunity for character-level craftsmanship
I finished "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" as two friends used their 10 key phone pads to get as far as the fox.
Austin: excrementally = shittily, more than excritably (which is not a word), execrably means unholy - people use that for shittily.
quest for "the people interacting game"
building a game of emotions in a vacuum? or layering it on top of another genre.

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