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march 16

another austin miracle day -

last night is a blur from the night before, but i think last night i had a dream i will sidebar

carl and i ate breakfast at "las manitas" a good mexican breakfast/cafe type joint that was very satisfying. carl commented favourably more than once on the quality of the chips. as usual i gravitated towards the nearly most expensive "combo" type offering on the menu, with a enchilada, a fajita a taco a quesidilla, etc, and ate about 85% of it. carl ordered soup and a taco and made it through half. eating with someone who can't fully eat is a little sad. he doesn't moan much about it though, so that makes it easier.

wait, that happened yesterday. and today i wanted to write because i had a wonderful morning and just came from a nice homey party.

today i visited origin systems, esteemed gamesmakers

then i co-hosted a roundtable

attended an mp3 panel

finally partied some

and yesterday, whoa yesterday!

16 march

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