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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

Links to Lists and Lists of Links

For all you Net Nimrods:
Nimrod: a symbolic, at times humourous, designation for a hunter, going back to Genesis 10 (from Dictionary of Symbolism, by Hans Biedermann).
Now divided into two sections: web wanderers and corporate/institutional web entities.

People on the net has been moved to its own page of Perspectives with Personality. Go there to find personal perspectives on the sprawl.

Search the s p r a w l

What's fun is trying people's names, and obscurve concepts. Search engines are seriously great places to start a research project on any damn thing.

A good search engine will surf for you, but don't think that cuz they don't find it, it ain't out there. You often got to start at one site and work your way into the hidden, uncatalogued gems.

  • Quickly rising to the top of the heap for no-nonsense, no advertising, so self-hyping searching is Digital's Alta Vista. It's fast, thorough, and reaches the newsgroups.
  • The first popular search engine Lycos will tell you how great they are, a different comment each time you load their page! As of December 27, 1994, they had 1.49 million unique URLs in their database. January 1996, they are up to 10 million. So the web is bigger, so they cataloged a lot of stuff.
  • The CUSI searcher offers many searching options for a vast plethora of searchable indices.
  • The Mother-of-all BBS has its complimentary web scanner the World Wide Web Worm
  • The WebCrawler was a good surf starting point - I haven't used it since it was sold to AOL.
  • For a bit more control, spicificity of search, try the Meta Crawler.
  • If you'd like to set out exploring the WWW, but you don't know where to go from here, try a random link from URouLette

Corporate/Institutional entities

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