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these are links I collected from 1994 to about 1995 or 1996. So if they actually work, well, woah!

Eye Candy

One of the primary features of the web is its graphical capabilities. I tend to eschew graphics for a more straightforward textual presentation, but that don't mean I ain't got an eye for purty things. Here they are, candy for the eyes.

Table o' Contents:

  1. Interactive Art
  2. People Putting their Art Online
  3. Dead People's Art Digitized
  4. Art Spaces - Online Galleries
  5. Scientific Art
  6. Comix/Comics/Cartoons
  7. General Online Art References

I have put a - tiny wry guy - next to all the art sites that are disturbing. I like art that jars me. Ain't that the point?

People Putting their Art Online

The Web is a great opportunity for artists, virtually unlimited gallery space. These are some people taking advantage of this new medium.

Existing Artists Digitized

Art Spaces

The web offers the potential for fantastic online galleries. These are some of the forerunners in that field.

Scientific Art

Art derived from computers, visualization, manipulation of natural forms, mathematics, etc.


General Art References

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