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all the power of html publishing and tutorial lies in your hands

as easy as html is

think of the web as your textbook!

to date, each and every major and semi-major web browser has a "view source" function.

with that, you can see the html used to build that document!

so there's no html trick that you can't learn or use!

and once you're familiar with the lay of the land, you can use view source to sample little graphics and programs from the blow hards.
now there's some source you can view that will leave you pretty confused
unless you're past the toddler point, perhaps past adolescence.

I'm proud to say that most of mine should leave you with few questions,
I like my source to look as nice as my documents do

(no caps, spacious layout, easy reading)

now as the web becomes and animated leaping jumping shouting quivering media monstrosity, source becomes more and more complex

relish this opportunity to grasp the straw used to build web huts!

view source aplenty!

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