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i'm in indiana. it's a school field strip. i go on an errand, to buy some beef jerky. i'm wearing only socks. i'm running across a wide blacktop bisecting the rural lands. i see an old time brick burlesque, painted white. there are no windows in front, instead it's open air. inside are caterers preparing for a nice party. from school it's like a field trip for dentistry. in an apartment building. we're visiting from jersey. the apartment is giant, tall, and layered - like the top reaches of a broad ziggurat, towering above manhattan. I discover this as I sneak out of my appointment. It never really got started. I went in the office to fill out the forms and tried to play rap through the computer in the office. but it was too loud for polite circumstances. so i went outside, where there was a beatie boy, spinning. he asked me the four ways to stave off tooth pain. i said, marijuana, beef jerky, water and something io cannot recall. he rapped those over a microphone. this was my appointment. i snuck up into the building, high enough to see the terrace level blelow the one I was on - there was a wedding reception preparing to happen with franccis ford coppola gesticulating widlyl to gather everyone for a family photo graph. I snuck inside, in bare feet creeping through the narrow stone and brick hallways and staircases. later i would see two broad teams practicing swordplay there, giant wraught swords, facing each other on the broad grassy sweeps on the top of this apartment.