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after night spent chatting with lilac long dream about a murder story being read out loud and also experienced. written to affect the reader, to make them feel murderated. creeping dread and oncoming ill effects. it's happening on a boat. story of a disappeared girl. no body. no girl. much love, much sadness. did the boat just blow away? no, there was some madness on board, manipulation. shades of ghost ship. dream separation. greg costikyan joins me, we're walking through a primate house some where. not too many primate, but there are giant puppets of dinosaurs, and wall paintings of jimi hendrix. he has also been chatting with this same woman, and he had learned more of her than i had. dream separation i am walking in spain somewhere, in small fashion boutiques. i hear a young man behind me. speaking a peculiar form of spanish, i wonder if its aristocratic? i resolve to emulate the way he says a single word. dream separation josh koppel has been studying something like NLP - sex suggestion. he gets laid about twice a day. i alternate between total admiration and castigation.