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Kenji Eno
cab hand Kenji Eno is a videogame designer in Japan. He left high school at a young age. Then he left video game companies to make music. His most famous game titles are D, and D2. He made two games oriented around sound - RealSound, and Enemy Zero.

I asked former Executive Editor of Gamers.com, David Hodgson, to provide some comment on Kenji's game D2:

An epic and often misunderstood amalgamation of the best and worst bits from Resident Evil, the Thing (JC), and various soft-core pron, or let's just say orally fixated porn. There wasn't much to do besides wander around in snow and find yourself attacked by beasts with tendrils. But the innovative nature of the game stems from the fact that one of the mosters was a giant gaping vagina; it's an experience not to be missed. Actually, it's a giant metallic vagina - you thow a "g-bomb" at the giant clit in order to get the vertical flaps to open, afterwhich you can hammer it, or pepper it with your ordinance. This makes it even more entertaining than the mutant old grampa that you meet earlier in the game, who grows a giaganitic shlong, waves it around, and spits white goo all over you. Fortunately at the end of that battle, giant doves appear, grab the giant member and fly off with it after dumping crazy grampa on the floor. This is something you just don't see in western games, or indeed in 99% of eastern video games. Needless to say, Sega toned down some of the more risque elements for the American audience.

In 2002, he is an interface designer, creative director - someone who lends personality to corporate products. He has an office in Azabu-Juban chock-full of media and gear. In the lobby, a Coke machine you can pay with a mobile phone, sporting characters of his design.

When I got back and I looked at my photos from our first meeting, he's sitting solid, but his hands are dancing:

Hands Hands

Kenji did a fantastic job composing a poetic meditation on travel in response to my Tokyo tour guide. And he made a graphic for me just after I arrived in Japan!

mt. justin in Japan - thank you Kenji
Thank you Kenji! Creative and generous.

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