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Red Meat Storage Stew

Mmm! Tomatoey salty hearty meaty goodness, with slightly crunchy carrots and crisp onions. I think I derived this from a macaroni/meat/tomato casserole my Mom used to make. And also, it fits the profile of a fantasy food I ate camping in Colorado as a ten year old - we took two pieces of tinfoil, threw in a piece of lettuce on the bottom, then a hamburger patty, then carrots, tomatoes and onions, tied it off like a Hershey's kiss and threw it in the campfire. That still lives on in my memory as one of the great meals of my life.

This is a whopping amount of Red Meat Storage Stew, so named because I make so much of it, I store the run-off in the freezer and unthaw it later when I'm lazy. Like do-it-yourself frozen food.

Chop up:

two medium onions
five cloves of garlic
three carrots
six child's fist-sized vine tomatoes

red meat stewing Oil and/or butter up a large wok or pan - wide and deep. Add the chopped vegetation item by item. Add one 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes, I used Muir Glen; they sell a diced, roasted can of tomatoes that smells and tastes good, with strong red color.

In a separate pan, sautee 1.5 pounds of ground beef. I bought Niman Ranch, not lean. Break the meat up so that it is in tiny chunks. When it starts to turn mostly gray, mix it in with the lightly simmering vegetable mix.

Put on a separate small pot to boil up some pasta. Mix that in.

Let it cool, bag half of it in freezer storage containers. Eat the rest, with salt and pepper to taste.

red meat stew storage

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