This is a record of the participants Center for Digital Storytelling Gathering at Sequoia Seminars in December 2000.

Bathroom mirror pic, thanks Jonathan

Name Site Email Location (circa late 2000) Affiliation
Joe Lambert
Nina Mullen
Center for Digital Storytelling
Berkeley Gathering Groovy Peoples to Share Story
Daniel Meadows Wales, UK Wales-Dweller portraits and stories, 25 years ago and now.
Ana Serrano
Kate Halpenny
Great Canadian Story Engine
Toronto Great Canadian Story Engine, 'nuff said.
Caroline Carpenter MIRA Project Battle Creek Kellogg Foundation
Nahum Gershon DC MITRE
John Worthington New Orleans Media100
Katie Brick Chicago Learning Digital Storytelling
SallyAnn Wolanczyk Chicago Palm Pilot Stories Beamed from a StreetCorner
Rob Peagler Southern Poverty Law Center NYC Razorfish
Daniel Weinshenker Ark Trust Colorado Recently left iXL
Ken Harper Rolling Thunder Portland Building tools and business models for digital storytellers
Justin Hall Oakland
Leslie Rule NFCC Oakland Online Communities of Cooperation
Abbe Don Drash San Francisco
Derrick Story Santa Rosa Technology and Story on O'
Bob Johanson
Andrea Saveri
South Bay Soliciting Personal Histories of the Future
Hal Josephson Event Planning
Derek Powazek San Francisco Fray - personal storytelling, digital and in the flesh
Heather Champ Jezebel's Mirror San Francisco Soliciting intimate personal portraiture.
Lauren Dunbar Bay Area Memoria Video
Patrick Milligan Oakleaf Bay Area Developing tools for digital storytellers of all ages
Allison Hill GetOutside (old) Bay Area Nature
Thenmozhi Soundararajan Berkeley Center for Digital Storytelling - Youth Digital Storytelling Activism
Jonathan Delacour Kokoro Australia Relations between Australians and Japanese
Fabrice Zenda Marin Tools for collective brainstorming
Ralph Rogers
Peter Maresca
CJ Beaman
Denise Atchley

in memory of Dana W. Atchley III